Summer bags trending for 2022

Handbags are the easiest way to begin your new-season capsule, making them excellent for those who are fashion impatient. Given that, at the start of 2021, because of the pandemic or our incapacity to leave home, bags were at the bottom of our shopping priorities, now is the time to put this right.

1.     Camera bag:

We’ve noticed an increase in brighter bolder colours like yellow, blue, pink, orange and particularly green been the in colour this spring. After all, what better way to usher in the new season than with bags that reflect the summer. This year camera bags with alternative straps are one of the top trends to follow, especially our Italian leather Camera bags.

2.     Rachel’s 90 bags:

Another fashion style from the past has resurfaced in the current day. This time, shoulder bags are making a comeback, on the arms of fashionistas on the streets and social media influences .

Isn’t this bag reminiscence of Jennifer Aniston‘s character Rachel from friends? This bag, complete with her name, pays homage to her fondness for baguette bags throughout the series. It has a slender shoulder strap and is constructed from Italian leather.

3.     Party Bags:

Statement party bags abound on the runways, exuding sparkle and elegance. We’re enhancing the daily rather than leaving these show-stoppers for special occasions, from studded rhinestones to metallic finishes. The party bag you got for Christmas or last year isn’t only for the best anymore.

4.     Phone Bags:

Phone bags are very popular with everyone fashion is embracing little bags like the phone bag that contain nothing more than your phone and lippy.

If you’re thinking about adding this summer bag trend into your daily wardrobe , our best advice is to think about it as an accent piece to complete your summer look. 

Is all about practicality and safety, perfect for summer festivals, holidays or just everyday look ,it’s the kind of bag that can speak for itself, and just look how gorgeous it looks in Green the colour that’s trending this Spring & Summer, Made from Italian Leather From Tuscany .

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